April 24, 2017

Save on a Memory Foam Mattress with Memorial Day Sales

Get the Best Deal on a Memory Foam Mattress with Memorial Day Sales

If you are considering new memory foam mattress this year, Memorial Day sales can offer a great opportunity to save. This end-of-May holiday kicks off summer, and is the first major shopping holiday of the season.

Though the holiday is designed to honor those who have fallen during military service, it has also become synonymous with sales. Many stores offer promotions and specials to attract shoppers who are often on vacation or off work over the weekend. Like Labor Day, Black Friday and other major holidays, this can make it a good time to save on major purchases, including new beds.

Tips for Shopping During Memorial Day Sales

From department stores to big brands and online retailers, sales abound year-round, though major holidays like Memorial Day weekend often feature better deals than average. But, knowing when, where, and how to shop the sales can make the difference between choosing a dud and finding the best deals on mattresses.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at a few tips for how to come away on top and start getting better sleep in time for summer.

When to Shop Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day sales take place around the last Monday in May. Usually, sales events start on the Friday or Saturday prior as retailers seek to attract customers during the holiday weekend. In 2017 the big day falls on May 30th, although retailers may begin sales up to a week or two before the actual holiday and they can also extend well into the following week.

Ads and flyers often go out before sales start, so it can be a good idea to begin looking for promotions the week before the holiday. It is best to start looking early so you have time to thoroughly research and compare options in advance of sales, which can help you avoid making impulsive buys you’ll regret later.

How to Compare Memory Foam Mattresses

People shop holiday events for one reason: to save money, of course! But when it comes to something as important as a bed (where you will spend about 3,000 hours per year), you also want to make sure you will be happy with your purchase well after the sale. Don’t be blinded by sales and big discounts when shopping — quality and guarantees are still very important.

When looking for the best memory foam mattress for the money, price is just one part of the picture, as it is not always reflective of quality or owner satisfaction. In fact, sometimes the most expensive beds are no better than average. Generally, mid-priced beds seem to earn the best mix of value and satisfaction.

We’ve summarized the most important factors below, but for more detailed information check out our Memory Foam Brand Comparison article for the low down on top brands you’ll likely see.

  • What is each layer composed of? These beds have at least two layers; the memory foam layer and the poly foam support core. Brands can include other layers and materials as well. For optimal pressure relief, the uppermost foam layer should be of the memory type and not regular foam or another material. Make sure the retailer can explain to you exactly what is inside the bed, as companies that hide things often have a reason to do so.

  • What are the densities? Density is important in this type of bed, and the retailer should be able to provide information on each layer, including the core. Low density memory foam (less than 3.5 lbs) is less expensive, less likely to trap heat, and less likely to create a “stuck” sensation, however it also breaks down quicker and may not be supportive enough, especially for heavier individuals. High density (more than 5.0 lbs) is more supportive, durable and better at pressure relief, but more expensive, more likely to retain heat, and may feel too viscous when used in thick layers. Medium density (3.5-5.0 lbs) is most common, and falls in the middle in terms of these pros and cons, making it most suitable for the majority of sleepers. The core should have a density over 1.4 pounds to ensure it will provide adequate support and durability.

  • How thick are the different layers? Promotional or discount beds may only have a very thin layer of visco foam, which can affect long term comfort and the overall value of the bed. The average person needs at least 2-3 inches of memory foam for support and pressure relief, though side sleepers and heavier individuals may need thicker layers to feel comfortable.

  • What is the cover made of? The cover material can be important. It should be breathable, and should not contain much filler or fiber. Cotton, wool, bamboo rayon, Celliant and Outlast are all good options, but polyester and other synthetics could trap heat and feel uncomfortable.

  • What kind of warranty is included? Even during sales, a manufacturer should still stand behind their product. For a good quality bed, 10 years full-coverage warranty is the industry average, so be wary of any bed that has less than this as it may not be built to last. You also want to see how deep impressions must be before the warranty kicks in. Better warranties cover dips of ¾” or more, but some may not kick in until 1.5” or deeper.

  • What is the return policy? Showroom tests are no replacement for full night’s rest, and with a big purchase, you should be able to return or at least exchange if it doesn’t work out. Always ask about return policies and fees when shopping. Anything less than 30 days may not be worth the risk. Online sellers tend to offer the longest and fairest policies.

  • What do reviews say? Online reviews can be a good way to learn about pros and cons for a bed you’re considering, as reviewers can offer insight into durability, comfort and other potential issues. Check retailer websites, consumer review websites, forums and blogs to see how reviewers rate the bed, and how their experiences stack up to brand’s claims. The average satisfaction rate  is about 80%, or the equivalent of 4 / 5 stars, which can provide a baseline for comparisons. Look for trends regarding durability, support, pain, heat, odor, or other factors of importance to you.

Where to Find the Best Deals

Once the mattress sales for Memorial Day weekend 2017 are announced, we’ll be comparing them on this page, so check back and bookmark it.

All types of retailers take part, including major department stores, discount chains, showrooms, local shops and online retailers. If you have limited selections locally or want to skip the showrooms, most online retailers also offer deals. Online shopping can be more convenient and net you a better deal, just make sure to check on their policies.

If you already have a specific brand in mind, subscribing to the company’s emails or following them on social networks can be a good way to find out about offers. Brands that sell direct to consumers will likely post specials on their websites, but may send out emails in advance or offer exclusive deals to subscribers.

For those brands who sell through dealers, you may have to check individual retailers for their offers. Deal websites, blogs and newspapers often aggregate sales as well if you aren’t quite sure what brand or type of bed you are looking for. These will typically be available in the week leading up to holiday, once the promotions have been announced.

While most offers have not yet been released, common trends you can expect to see based on past years include:

  • Freebies like foundations, pillows, delivery or bedding (sometimes in leu of discounts).
  • ‘Doorbuster’ deals on promotional beds (usually lower quality) in small quantities. We recommend avoiding promotional beds, as these typically have short lifespans and are difficult to research/compare.
  • Discounts from 5-50% off regular prices via direct markdowns or rebates. Note that some retailers exaggerate percentage-off claims, so it’s best to compare the price/quality with similar options rather than focusing on the discount percentage.


If you are in need of a new bed and seeking the best mattress for the money, major holidays are often an excellent time to shop and save on a purchase you already would be making. This is the only major national shopping day in the beginning of summer, with next closest holidays being July 4th and Labor Day, making it a good time to buy if you anticipate needing a new bed in the next couple of months. By shopping smart and carefully researching options, you can save big and come away with a good memory foam mattress during Memorial Day sales.

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